Show/Season Network Start Date End Date Changed?
12 Scars (S1)NetflixAugust 2022NO
1348: The Worst Year Ever (S1)ITVSpring 2022NO
1883 (S2)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
1932 (S1)Paramount+Summer 2022NO
6666 (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
81 Words (S1)FXActive DevelopmentNO
9-1-1 (S6)FOXSummer 2022NO
9-1-1: Lone Star (S4)FOXSummer 2022NO
A Brief History Of Seven Killings (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
A Court Of Thorns And Roses (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
A Fine Balance (S1)HBOJune 2022November 2022NO
A Friend Of The Family (S1)PeacockMarch 2022July 2022NO
A Gentleman In Moscow (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
A Man in Full (S1)NetflixSummer 2022NO
A Million Little Things (S5)ABCSummer 2022NO
A Small Light (S1)Disney+July 2022NO
A Spy In The House Of Love (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
A Time For Mercy (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
A Town Called Malice (S1)SkyJanuary 2022NO
A Very English Scandal (S2)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Abbott Elementary (S2)ABCJune 2022NO
Acapulco (S2)AppleTVSpring 2022NO
Accessible (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Accused (S1)FOXApril 2022September 2022NO
Action Park (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Activation (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Adam and Eva (Pilot)NBCMay 2022NO
Aeon Flux (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Agatha: House of Harkness (S1)Disney+October 2022NO
Alam, The Family (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Alaska (S1)ABCSummer 2022NO
Alert (S1)FOXNO
Alex Rider (S3)IMDB TVEarly 2022NO
Alien (S1)FXSeptember 2022NO
All American (S5)CWSummer 2022NO
All American: Homecoming (S2)CWSummer 2022NO
All Our Wrongs Todays (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
All Rise (S3)OWNJanuary 2022NO
All The Light We Cannot See (S1)NetflixMarch 2022July 2022NO
Always Wright (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Am I There Yet (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
American Auto (S2)NBCSummer 2022NO
American Born Chinese (S1)Disney+February 2022June 2022NO
American Crime Story (S4)FXActive DevelopmentNO
American Gigolo (S1)ShowtimeFebruary 2022May 2022NO
American Horror Stories (S2)FXFebruary 2022June 2022NO
American Horror Story (S11)FXSummer 2022NO
American Jesus (S1)NetflixMarch 2022NO
American Love Story (S1)FXActive DevelopmentNO
American Sports Story (S1)FXActive DevelopmentNO
Anansi Boys (S1)AmazonNovember 2021NO
And Just Like That (S2)HBO MAXSummer 2022NO
Angelyne (S2)peacockJune 2022NO
Animal (Pilot)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Anon Pls (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Antarctica (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Anywhere (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Apples Never Fall (S1)peacockActive DevelopmentNO
Armour Wars (S1)Disney+October 2022NO
Around The World In 80 Days (S2)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Ascension (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Assassin's Creed (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Assassinistas (S1)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
August Snow (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Aunties (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Avalon (S1)ABCSummer 2022NO
Avatar: The Last Airbender (S1)NetflixNovember 2021May 2022NO
Avenger Field (S1)peacockActive DevelopmentNO
Avoidance (S1)BBCJanuary 2022NO
Aznbbgrl (Pilot)FreeformMay 2022NO
Baby Reindeer (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Bad Monkey (S1)AppleTVFebruary 2022NO
Balenciaga (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentNO
Bammas (Pilot)HuluApril 2022NO
Bandana (S1)FXJune 2022NO
Bannerman (S1)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
Barry (S4)HBOJune 2022YES
Based on a True Story (S1)peacockActive DevelopmentNO
Bass Reeves (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Beast of Burden (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Becoming Elizabeth (S2)StarzActive DevelopmentNO
Becon 23 (S1)AMC/SpectrumApril 2022November 2022NO
Beef (S1)NetflixFebruary 2022May 2022NO
Before We Die (S1)Channel 4Active DevelopmentNO
Bel-Air (S2)peacockSummer 2022NO
Belated (Pilot)FXFebruary 2022NO
Berlin (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Best Interests (S1)BBCMarch 2022NO
Better (S1)BBCApril 2022NO
Better Than Us (S2)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Beyond Black Beauty (S1)FreeveeAugust 2022September 2022NO
BFM (S2)StarzActive DevelopmentNO
Big Shot (S2)Disney+Active DevelopmentNO
Big Swiss (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Big Wishes (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Billions (S7)ShowtimeOctober 2022NO
Biohackers (S2)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Black Cake (S1)HuluJuly 2022January 2023YES
Black Hammer (S1)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
Black Match (Pilot)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Black Mirror (S6)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Black Ops (S1)BBCJune 2022NO
Blackbird: Lena Horne and America (S1)ShowtimeActive DevelopmentNO
Blank Slate (Pilot)NBCApril 2022NO
Blockbuster (S1)NetflixFebruary 2022May 2022NO
Blood and Water (S2)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Blood Of My Blood (S1)StarzActive DevelopmentNO
Bloodlands (S2)BBCJanuary 2022May 2022NO
Blue Bloods (S13)CBSSummer 2022NO
Blue Dawn (S1)NetflixNovember 2021NO
Blue Lights (S1)BBCFebruary 2022NO
Bob Hearts Abishola (S4)CBSSummer 2022NO
Bodies (S1)NetflixMay 2022NO
Bosch: Legacy (S2)FreeveeSummer 2022NO
Bose (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Brainbox (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Brassic (S5)Sky One / HULUJune 2022NO
Breaktaking (S1)ITVSummer 2022NO
Bren Rents (Pilot)FOXActive DevelopmentNO
Bridgerton (S3)NetflixSummer 2022NO
Brujo (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Bumper in Berlin (S1)PeacockMarch 2022NO
Bupkis (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
Burn In (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Cal Fire (Pilot)CBSMarch 2022NO
Call Me Kat (S3)FOXSummer 2022NO
Call The Midwife (S12)BBCApril 2022NO
Calling All Stars (Pilot)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Career Opportunities In Murder & Mayhem (S1)HuluAugust 2022December 2022NO
Champion (S1)BBCJune 2022NO
Chesapeake Shores (S6)HallmarkMarch 2022June 2022NO
Chicano (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Chief of War (S1)AppleTVJuly 2022NO
Chinatown (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Chivalry (S1)Channel 4Active DevelopmentNO
Chosen (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Chucky (S2)SyfyApril 2022August 2022NO
Cindy Snow (S1)FOXActive DevelopmentNO
City On Fire (S1)AppleTVMarch 2022July 2022NO
City Primeval (S1)FXActive DevelopmentNO
Class of 07 (S1)AmazonDecember 2021NO
Closure (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Clueless (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
Cobra (S3)SkyAugust 2022NO
Cointelpro (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
Coming Undone (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Computer School (Pilot)HBO MAXApril 2022NO
Conan (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Constantine (S1)HBO MAXSeptember 2022February 2023NO
Constellation (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
Creepshow (S4)AMCMay 2022July 2022NO
Crime (S2)ITVSummer 2022NO
Criminal Minds (S16)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Cruel Summer (S2)FreeformApril 2022August 2022NO
CSI: Vegas (S2)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Cuckoo Song (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Culprits (S1)Disney+February 2022NO
Cunk on Earth (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Curb Your Enthusiasm (S12)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Cutblock (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Cyberpunk2077 (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Dad Stop Embarrassing Me (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Dadholes (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Damage (S1)NetflixMarch 2022NO
Daredevil (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentYES
Dark Manual (S1)AppleTVMarch 2022NO
Dark Matter (S1)AppleTVAugust 2022January 2023NO
DARYL (Pilot)TBSActive DevelopmentNO
Dave (S3)FXActive DevelopmentNO
Daylight (Pilot)FOXActive DevelopmentNO
Dead Boy Detectives (S1)HBO MAXSummer 2022NO
Dead Day (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
Deadloch (S1)AmazonFebruary 2022May 2022NO
Dear Edward (S1)AppleTVMarch 2022NO
Death In Paradise (S12)BBCMay 2022NO
Deathbed (Pilot)TNTActive DevelopmentNO
Debutante (S1)AppleTVJune 2022NO
Deeds (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Deep Heat (S1)ITVActive DevelopmentNO
Degrassi (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Demascus (S1)AMCJune 2022YES
Demimonde (S1)HBOSeptember 2022May 2023NO
Des and Lou (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Desert People (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Dignity (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Dirty Diana (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Dirty Lines (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Disclaimer (S1)AppleTVJuly 2022October 2022NO
Doc Martin (S10)ITVFebruary 2022NO
Doctor Who (S14)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Doogie Kamealoha (S2)Disney+May 2022August 2022NO
Doom Patrol (S4)HBO MAXFebruary 2022August 2022NO
Doomsday Machine (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Dora The Explorer (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Dream (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Dreamland (S1)SkyJuly 2022NO
Dugout Moms (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Dune: The Sisterhood (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Dynasty (S5)CWOctober 2021August 2022NO
Early Edition (Pilot)CBSMarch 2022NO
East New York (S1)CBSSummer 2022NO
East Wing (S1)StarzActive DevelopmentNO
Echo (S1)Disney+April 2022August 2022NO
Eden (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Eistein (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Eleanor Of Aquitaine (S1)StarzActive DevelopmentNO
Elite (S5)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Emily In Paris (S3)NetflixJune 2022NO
Endeavour (S9)ITVMay 2022NO
Enigma Guadalupe (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Enjoy Your Meal (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Eric (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Euphoria (S3)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Everybody Loves Diamonds (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Everyone Else Burns (S1)Channel 4April 2022NO
Everything's Trash (S1)FreeformMarch 2022July 2022NO
Expiration Date (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
Extinction (S2)Sky OneSeptember 2022YES
Extraordinary (S1)Disney+November 2021NO
Ezra (S1)AmazonJune 2022August 2022NO
Fair View, NM (Pilot)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
Fallout (S1)AmazonJune 2022September 2022YES
Family Affair (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Family History (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Fantasy Island (S2)FOXFebruary 2022May 2022NO
Fargo (S5)FXSeptember 2022NO
Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Kill! (S1)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
Fatal Attraction (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
FBI (S5)CBSSummer 2022NO
FBI: International (S2)CBSSummer 2022NO
FBI: Most Wanted (S4)CBSSummer 2022NO
Fear The Walking Dead (S8)AMCJune 2022March 2023NO
Fellow Travelers (S1)ShowtimeJuly 2022December 2022YES
Feud: Capote’s Women (S2)FXFall 2022NO
Field of Dreams (S1)PeacockJune 2022NO
Fifteen Love (S1)AmazonJuly 2022NO
Finding Alice (S2)ITVFebruary 2022NO
Finding Forrester (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Fire Country (S1)CBSSummer 2022NO
Fire Season (Pilot)TNTActive DevelopmentNO
Firekeeper's Daughter (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
First Gen (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentNO
First Lady (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Flashdance (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Flatshare (S1)Paramount+February 2022NO
Fleishman Is In Trouble (S1)FXJanuary 2022NO
Follow The Money (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Foster Friends (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Found (Pilot)NBCMay 2022NO
Foundation (S2)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
Frasier (S1)Paramount+Early 2022NO
Free Food For Millionaires (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Free Will (Pilot)FOXActive DevelopmentNO
Freeridge (S1)NetflixMay 2022NO
Fried Green Tomatoes (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
From (S2)EpixActive DevelopmentNO
Fruit Man (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Fugue (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
Full Circle (S1)HBO MAXSeptember 2022NO
Game of Thrones: 10, 000 Ships (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Game of Thrones: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Game of Thrones: The Sea Snake (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Generals Row (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Get Lucky (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Get Millie Black (S1)Channel 4 / HBOMay 2022NO
Get The Gett (S1)ShowtimeActive DevelopmentNO
GG (Pilot)CWActive DevelopmentNO
Ghosts (S2)CBSJune 2022December 2022NO
Ghosts (S4)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
GI Joe: Lady Jaye (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Glamorous (S1)NetflixJuly 2022November 2022NO
God of War (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
God's Country (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
God's Favorite Idiot (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Gone Bamboo (S1)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
Good Grief (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
Good Omens (S2)AmazonOctober 2021NO
Good Trouble (S4)FreeformOctober 2021June 2022NO
Goosebumps (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentNO
Gordita Chronicles (S1)HBO MAXOctober 2021NO
Gossip Girl (S2)HBO MAXFebruary 2022NO
Gotham Central (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Gotham Knights (S1)CWSummer 2022NO
Grace (S3)ITVAugust 2022YES
Gramercy Park (S1)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
Grand Crew (S2)NBCSummer 2022NO
Granite Harbour (S1)BBCApril 2022NO
Gravesend (S2)AmazonSeptember 2021NO
Graymail (S1)NetflixOctober 2021NO
Grease: Rise Of The Pink Ladies (S1)Paramount+January 2022June 2022NO
Great Expectations (S1)BBC /FXFebruary 2022July 2022NO
Green Lantern (S1)HBO MAXFall 2022NO
Grey's Anatomy (S19)ABCAugust 2022May 2023NO
Grime Kids (S1)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Griselda (S1)NetflixJanuary 2022NO
Grown-ish (S5)FreeformMarch 2022July 2022NO
Guerrillas (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Guilt (S2)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Guru Nation (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Halo (S2)Paramount+August 2022April 2023NO
Hapless (S2)NetflixFebruary 2022NO
Happy Face (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Happy Valley (S3)BBCJanuary 2022NO
Harlem (S2)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Havana Nocturne (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
Havenfall (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Heartbreak High (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Heartstopper (S2)NetflixActive DevelopmentYES
Heatwave (S1)HBOAugust 2022NO
Heels (S2)StarzMarch 2022July 2022NO
Heirs (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Heresy (S1)TNTActive DevelopmentNO
Hide (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
High Desert (S1)AppleTVOctober 2021NO
High School (S1)IMDB TVMarch 2022June 2022NO
High School Muscial (S4)Disney+Active DevelopmentYES
Highfire (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Hightown (S3)StarzMay 2022July 2022NO
Hijack (S1)AppleTVMay 2022NO
History Of A Pleasure Seeker (Pilot)HuluMay 2022NO
History of the World Part II (S1)HuluMay 2022NO
Hive (S1)AmazonMarch 2022May 2022NO
Home Economics (S3)ABCSummer 2022NO
Homeland Elegies (FX)S1Active DevelopmentNO
Hope (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Hope Cafe (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Hope Street (S2)BritboxMay 2022NO
Horseface (Pilot)AppleTVSpring 2022NO
Hotel War (S1)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Houston (S1)AppleTVMay 2022October 2022NO
How I Met Your Father (S2)HuluSummer 2022NO
How To Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
HSI: Puerto Rico (S1)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Hungry (Pilot)NBCMarch 2022NO
I Hate Suzie (S2)SkyApril 2022NO
I Run Hot (Pilot)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
I'm A Virgo (S1)AmazonFebruary 2022May 2022NO
Icon: The Judds (S1)FOXActive DevelopmentNO
Immigrant (S1)HuluMarch 2022July 2022NO
Impact (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Improbable Valentine (S1)AppleTVApril 2022September 2022NO
In Momoriam (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Indivisible (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
Inkwell (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Innocent (S2)ITVActive DevelopmentNO
Inside No.9 (S1)FreeveeActive DevelopmentNO
Insight (Pilot)ABCMay 2022NO
Interceptor (Pilot)FOXActive DevelopmentNO
Interior Chinatown (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Interview With The Vampire (S1)AMCDecember 2021May 2022NO
Invasion (S2)AppleTVFebruary 2022NO
Invitation To A Bonfire (S1)AMCSeptember 2022December 2022NO
Ironheart (S1)Disney+June 2022October 2022NO
Isle of the Dead (S1)AMCJuly 2022October 2022NO
I’m In Love With The Dancer From My Bat Mitzvah (Pilot)CWActive DevelopmentNO
Jack Ryan (S4)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Jade City (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
Jane (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
Jigsaw (S1)NetflixSeptember 2021NO
Josep (Pilot)ABCMarch 2022NO
Journey to the Centre of the Earth (S1)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Jubilee (S1)AppleTVMarch 2022August 2022NO
Juice (S1)BBC / HBO MaxSeptember 2022NO
Julia (S2)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Justice League Dark: Constantine (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Justified: City Primeval (S1)FXMay 2022August 2022NO
Kaiser Karl (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentNO
Kansas City (S1)Paramount+March 2022July 2022NO
Kaos (S1)NetflixMay 2022NO
Kate & Allie (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Kevin Can F**K Himself (S2)AMCJanuary 2022May 2022NO
Kim's Spa (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Kin (S2)AMCSummer 2022NO
Kindred (S1)FXApril 2022July 2022NO
King Rex (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Kingdom (S1)AppleTVApril 2022NO
Kings of America (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Kung Fu (S3)CWSummer 2022NO
La Bravura (S1)ShowtimeActive DevelopmentNO
LA Brea (S2)NBCApril 2022September 2022NO
LA Law (Pilot)ABCMarch 2022NO
Lady in the Lake (S1)AppleTVApril 2022November 2022NO
Land Man Out (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Lando (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentNO
Las Azules (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentYES
Last Days of the Space Age (S1)Disney+Spring 2022YES
Last King of the Cross (S1)Paramount+April 2022NO
Last Light (S1)PeacockSeptember 2021NO
Law & Order (S22)NBCFall 2022NO
Law & Order : Organised Crime (S3)NBCSummer 2022July 2022NO
Law & Order : SVU (S24)NBCSummer 2022NO
Lessons in Chemistry (S1)AppleTVJuly 2022NO
Let The Right One In (S1)ShowtimeFebruary 2022June 2022NO
Level (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Leverage: Redemption (S2)IMDBMarch 2022September 2022NO
Lewisburg (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Liar's Club (Pilot)TNTActive DevelopmentNO
Liberty (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
Life and Beth (S2)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Life Undercover (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
Lifted (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Lioness (S1)Paramount+July 2022December 2022NO
Little America (S2)AppleTVFebruary 2022May 2022NO
Little Films (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Little Shells (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Lockerbie (S1)SkyFall 2022NO
Loki (S2)Disney+June 2022NO
Londongrad (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Lopez vs Lopez (S1)NBCSummer 2022NO
Loud House (S1)Paramount+June 2022September 2022NO
Love Story (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Luden (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Lyfe Dynamics (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Mabel (S1)ShowtimeActive DevelopmentNO
Macaron (Pilot)Disney+February 2022NO
Maddaddam (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Made For Love (S2)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Magpie Murders (S1)BritboxActive DevelopmentNO
Malpractice (S1)ITVJune 2022NO
Manhunt (S1)AppleTVMay 2022November 2022NO
Manifest (S4)NetflixNovember 2021NO
Marriage (S1)BBCSeptember 2021NO
Maryland (S1)ITVActive DevelopmentNO
Mason Dixon (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Matched (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Maternal (S1)ITVJune 2022NO
Max (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Mayfair Witches (S1)AMCApril 2022August 2022NO
Mayor of Kingstown (S2)Paramount+Summer 2022NO
Mea (S1)AmazonJune 2022YES
Metropolis (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
Mexican Gothic (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Michelangelo (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Midnight Family (S1)AppleTVMarch 2022NO
Midsomer Murders (S23)ITVMarch 2022NO
Minx (S2)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Missing NG (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Mob Queens (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Moderm Austen (Pilot)CWActive DevelopmentNO
Monarch (S1)AppleTVJuly 2022December 2022NO
Monsieur Spade (S1)AMCSummer 2022YES
More (Pilot)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (S1)AmazonMay 2022NO
Mrs. American Pie (S1)AppleTVMay 2022NO
Mrs. Davis (S1)PeacockJune 2022November 2022NO
My Lady Jane (S1)AmazonAugust 2022NO
My Life With The Walter Boys (S1)NetflixApril 2022August 2022NO
Mythic Quest (S3)AppleTVMarch 2022May 2022NO
Nancy Drew (S4)CWJuly 2022December 2022YES
Nancy Wu Done It (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Nate's (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
National Parks (Pilot)ABCMay 2022NO
National Treasure (S1)Disney+January 2022June 2022NO
Nautilus (S1)Disney+February 2022NO
NCIS (S20)CBSSummer 2022NO
NCIS: Hawaii (S2)CBSSummer 2022NO
NCIS: Los Angeles (S14)CBSSummer 2022NO
NCIS: Sydney (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Neglected Murderesses (S1)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
Nemesis (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentNO
Never Have I Ever (S4)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Never Let Me Go (S1)FXSummer 2022NO
New Amsterdam (S5)NBCSummer 2022NO
New Money (S1)ShowtimeActive DevelopmentNO
New York Undercover (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
News of a Kidnapping (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Nice White Parents (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Night Court (S1)NBCMarch 2022July 2022NO
Nightbreed (S1)SkyActive DevelopmentNO
Nine Perfect Strangers (S2)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
No Activity (S3)CBSAAActive DevelopmentNO
No Good Deed (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
No Return (S1)ITVJuly 2021NO
Nolly (S1)ITVMarch 2022NO
Not Dead Yet (S1)ABCSummer 2022NO
Nova (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentNO
Obliterated (S1)NetflixJuly 2022YES
Odd Thomas (S1)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
Oklahoma! (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
Once Upon A Time In Aztlan (Pilot)AmazonNovember 2021NO
One Day (S1)NetflixSummer 2022NO
One Of Us Is Lying (S2)PeacockMay 2022August 2022NO
One Piece (S1)NetflixJanuary 2022NO
Oona Out Of Order (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Orphan Black: Echoes (S1)AMCJune 2022YES
Outer Banks (S3)NetflixFebruary 2022August 2022NO
Outfielder (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Outlander (S7)StarzMarch 2022NO
Outliers (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Pachinko (S2)AppleTVJune 2022NO
Pack of Lies (S1)BBCMarch 2022NO
Palomino (S1)NetflixMay 2022NO
Pandora's Box and Ship (Pilot)CWActive DevelopmentNO
Panther Baby (S1)StarzActive DevelopmentNO
Paper Girls (S2)AmazonJune 2022YES
Paper Gods (S1)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Parasite (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Passenger (S1)ITVActive DevelopmentNO
Peacemaker (S2)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Peacock (S1)BBCJanuary 2022NO
People VS. Post Office (S1)ITVActive DevelopmentNO
Percy Jackson And The Olympians (S1)Disney+June 2022January 2023NO
Perfect Strangers (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Perry Mason (S2)HBODecember 2021June 2022NO
Physical (S2)AppleTVNovember 2021NO
Pillow (S1)AppleTVFall 2022NO
Pine Valley (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Pitch Perfect (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
Platonic (S1)AppleTVMay 2022June 2022NO
Poindexter (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Point Fear (Pilot)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Poker Face (S1)PeacockApril 2022September 2022NO
Power Book II : Ghost (S3)StarzJanuary 2022August 2022NO
Power Book IV: Force (S2)StarzMay 2022October 2022YES
Powerpuff (Pilot)CWSpring 2022NO
Preppers (S1)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Presumed Innocent (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
Pride (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Primo (S1)FreeveeMay 2022NO
Professor T (S2)ITVSpring 2022NO
Project IV (S1)NetflixApril 2022NO
Promised Land (S1)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Promised Neverland (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Providence (Pilot)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
Public Figures (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Pushing (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Qualityland (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Quantum Leap (S1)NBCSummer 2022NO
Queen Charlotte (S1)NetflixFebruary 2022May 2022NO
Queenie (S1)Channel 4March 2022NO
Rabbit Hole (S1)Paramount+May 2022September 2022NO
Rain Dogs (S1)BBCMarch 2022NO
Ralph and Katie (S1)BBCJanuary 2022NO
Rangers Of The New Republic (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentNO
Raoul Moat (S1)ITVActive DevelopmentNO
Rashomon (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Reacher (S2)AmazonFall 2022NO
Real People (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Reasonable Doubt (S1)HuluFebruary 2022May 2022NO
Reboot (S1)HuluMarch 2022June 2022NO
Reborn (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Red Book (S1)NetflixApril 2022NO
Remote (Pilot)Paramount+Spring 2022NO
Reservation Dogs (S2)FXMarch 2022June 2022NO
Retreat (S1)FXFebruary 2022July 2022NO
Reunion (S1)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
Revelations (Pilot)CWActive DevelopmentNO
Ridley (S1)ITVActive DevelopmentNO
Ring Shout (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
RIP (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
RIP Crew (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Riverdale (S6)CWAugust 2021June 2022NO
Riverdale (S7)CWSummer 2022NO
Roadmarks (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Robert's Rebellion (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Rodham (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Rose and Thorn (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Rust Belt News (Pilot)CBSApril 2022NO
S.W.A.T. (S6)CBSSummer 2022NO
Safe Space (S1)SkyActive DevelopmentNO
Saint X (S1)HuluMarch 2022August 2022NO
Sammy (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Sanditon (S2)ITVJuly 2021NO
Sandy (S1)HBO MAXSeptember 2021NO
SAS: Rogue Heroes (S2)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Savannah (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Saved By The Bell (S2)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
Say Their Names (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Schmigadoon (S2)AppleTVJune 2022August 2022NO
School Spirits (S1)Paramount+May 2022NO
SEAL Team (S6)Paramount+May 2022September 2022NO
Secret Guide To Celestial Creatures (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentNO
Secret Invasion (S1)Disney+September 2021NO
Servant (S4)AppleTVJanuary 2022July 2022NO
Severance (S2)AppleTVMarch 2022NO
Sex Education (S4)NetflixJuly 2022NO
Sex/Life (S2)NetflixFebruary 2022May 2022NO
Sexy Beast (S1)Paramount+August 2022NO
Shadow and Bone (S2)NetflixJanuary 2022May 2022NO
Shaka: King Of The Zulu Nation (S1)ShowtimeSeptember 2022NO
Shakespeare Now (S1)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Shell (S1)AppleTVNovember 2021Febraury 2022NO
Shelter (Pilot)Prime/IMDBActive DevelopmentNO
Sherlock Homies (Pilot)HBO MAXMay 2022NO
Shining Vale (S2)StarzSummer 2022NO
Shit Show (S1)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Shrinking (S1)AppleTVApril 2022NO
Shuggie Bain (S1)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Sidekicks (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Silent Witness (S26)BBCMarch 2022NO
Single Drunk Female (S2)FreeformSummer 2022NO
Six Four (S1)ITVActive DevelopmentNO
Ski (S1)AppleTVOctober 2021NO
Sky High (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Skywatch (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
Slasher (S5)ShudderMarch 2022NO
Slay (Pilot)CWActive DevelopmentNO
Slow Horses (S2)AppleTVJuly 2022NO
Smoakland (Pilot)FreeformActive DevelopmentNO
Snowfall (S6)FXActive DevelopmentNO
Snowpiercer (S4)TNTMarch 2022August 2022NO
So Help Me Todd (S1)CBSSummer 2022NO
Sober Companion (Pilot)CBSMay 2022NO
Somebody Somewhere (S2)HBOMay 2022July 2022NO
Something Is Killing The Children (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Sonic (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Sorcerers (S1)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
Soulmates (S2)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
South Side (S3)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Sovereign (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Space (Pilot)TBSActive DevelopmentNO
SpaceX (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Speed Racer (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentYES
Sphere (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Squid Game (S2)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Star Trek: Discovery (S5)Paramount+June 2022November 2022NO
Star Trek: Section 31 (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (S2)Paramount+February 2022June 2022NO
Star TrekL Starfleet Academy (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Star Wars: Ahsoka (S1)Disney+May 2022October 2022NO
Star Wars: Andor (S1)Disney+Fall 2022NO
Star Wars: The Acolyte (S1)Disney+October 2022May 2023NO
Starstruck (S2)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Station 19 (S6)ABCAugust 2022April 2023NO
Stonehouse (S1)BBC OneJanuary 2022NO
Straight Man (S1)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
Stranger Things (S5)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Strike (S4)BBCJanuary 2022NO
Stuck (S1)BBCJanuary 2022NO
Subject To Change (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Succession (S4)HBOJune 2022NO
Sueno (Pilot)FOXActive DevelopmentNO
Sugar (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Summer (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Sunny (S1)AppleTVMarch 2022NO
Supacell (S1)NetflixJuly 2022December 2022NO
Super Pumped (S2)ShowtimeSummer 2022NO
Supercrooks (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Superman & Lois (S3)CWActive DevelopmentNO
SurrealEstate (S2)SyfyActive DevelopmentNO
Survival of the Thickest (S1)NetflixAugust 2022NO
Swagger (S2)AppleTVJuly 2022September 2022NO
Swarm (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Sweet Magnolias (S3)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Sweet Tooth (S2)NetflixJanuary 2022May 2022NO
Swiss Family Robinson (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentNO
Tabloid (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Tales of Dunk and Egg (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Tales of the Walking Dead (S1)AMCJanuary 2022NO
Talisman (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Tash and Ellie (S1)BBCFebruary 2022NO
Ted (S1)PeacockJune 2022NO
Ted Lasso (S3)AppleTVMarch 2022NO
Tell Me Lies (S1)HuluFebruary 2022July 2022NO
Ten Pound Poms (S1)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Tether (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
That 90s Show (S1)NetflixFebruary 2022May 2022NO
The 39 Steps (S1)NetflixMay 2022NO
The 50th Law (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
The A Word (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
The Accused (S1)FOXApril 2022September 2022NO
The Afterparty (S2)AppleTVMay 2022NO
The Arborist (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
The Ark (S1)SyfyMarch 2022NO
The Artful Dodger (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentYES
The Atomic Bazaar (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
The Ballad Of Renegade Nell (S1)Disney+April 2022NO
The Bankers Wife (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Bay (S4)ITVJune 2022NO
The Bear (S1)FXFebruary 2022May 2022NO
The Beast Must Die (S2)BritboxEarly 2022NO
The Best Man: The Final Chapters (S1)PeacockMarch 2022May 2022NO
The Big Cigar (S1)AppleTVJune 2022September 2022NO
The Big D (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
The Big Door Prize (S1)AppleTVJanuary 2022July 2022NO
The Big Sky (S3)ABCSummer 2022NO
The Birth Of Daniel F Harris (S1)Channel 4Active DevelopmentNO
The Blacklist (S10)NBCSummer 2022NO
The Blacklist (S9)NBCSeptember 2021NO
The Blue (Pilot)Paramount+Spring 2022NO
The Border (S1)FXActive DevelopmentNO
The Bottoms (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Boys (S4)AmazonMarch 2022NO
The Brand (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
The Brides (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
The Bridge (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Brothers Sun (S1)NetflixJune 2022September 2022NO
The Burning Girls (S1)Paramount+August 2022NO
The Challenge (S1)ITVMay 2022NO
The Change (S1)Channel 4Active DevelopmentNO
The Chemistry Of Death (S1)Paramount+May 2022NO
The Chi (S5)ShowtimeJanuary 2022May 2022NO
The Clauses (S1)Disney+March 2022NO
The Cleaner (S2)BBCSeptember 2022YES
The Cleaners (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Cleaning Lady (S1)FOXMay 2022December 2022NO
The Clearing (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentYES
The Comeback Girl (S1)ShowtimeActive DevelopmentNO
The Company You Keep (Pilot)ABCMay 2022NO
The Conners (S5)ABCSummer 2022NO
The Consultant (S1)AmazonApril 2022June 2022NO
The Continental (S1)StarzNovember 2021NO
The Counsil (Pilot)FOXActive DevelopmentNO
The Crossover (S1)Disney+May 2022July 2022NO
The Crowded Room (S1)AppleTVMarch 2022August 2022NO
The Crown (S6)NetflixAugust 2022NO
The Curse (S1)ShowtimeJune 2022September 2022NO
The Curse (S2)Channel 4Fall 2022NO
The D.L. (Pilot)FOXMarch 2022NO
The Dark Forest (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
The Decameron (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
The Devil in the White City (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
The Diplomat (S1)NetflixApril 2022NO
The Disasters (Pilot)CWSpring 2022NO
The Dreamers (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
The Driver (S1)AMCJuly 2022NO
The Equalizer (S3)CBSSummer 2022NO
The Ex-Wife (S1)Paramount+April 2022NO
The Fall (Pilot)TNTActive DevelopmentNO
The Fall of the House of User (S1)NetflixJanuary 2022June 2022NO
The Family Pile (S1)ITVJune 2022NO
The Farm (Pilot)FOXActive DevelopmentNO
The Flash (S9)CWSummer 2022NO
The Following Events Are Based On A Pack Of Lies (S1)BBCApril 2022NO
The Fuck It Bucket (S1)NetflixMay 2022NO
The Full Monty (S1)Disney+March 2022NO
The Future (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
The Gallows Pole (S1)BBCOctober 2021NO
The Game (S2)Paramount+Summer 2022NO
The Garden (S1)Disney/StarActive DevelopmentNO
The Gentlemen (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
The Gilded Age (S2)HBOApril 2022October 2022NO
The Girls On The Bus (S1)HBO MAXAugust 2022NO
The Gold (S1)BBCApril 2022NO
The Goldbergs (S10)ABCSummer 2022NO
The Golden Child (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
The Good Doctor (S6)ABCJuly 2022April 2023NO
The Good Fight (S6)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
The Grand Master: Franklin In Paris (S1)AppleTVSpring 2022NO
The Great (S3)HuluMay 2022NO
The Great Game (S1)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
The Gryphon (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Handmaid's Tale (S5)HuluFebruary 2022July 2022NO
The Hater (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
The Head (S2)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
The Horror of Dolores Roach (S1)AmazonJune 2022August 2022NO
The Hospital (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Hug Machine (Pilot)CBSApril 2022NO
The Hunt For Raoul Moat (S1)ITVApril 2022NO
The Inheritance Games (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Innocent (S1)PeacockFebruary 2022NO
The Irrational (Pilot)NBCJune 2022NO
The Island (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
The Islands (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
The Italian Job (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
The L Word: Generation Q (S3)ShowtimeJune 2022October 2022NO
The Larkins (S2)ITVApril 2022NO
The Last Amazon (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
The Last Of Us (S1)HBOJuly 2021June 2022NO
The Last Thing He Told Me (S1)AppleTVMay 2022NO
The Ledger (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
The Long Haul (S1)FOXActive DevelopmentNO
The Long Shadow (S1)ITVApril 2022NO
The Lord of the Rings (S2)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Lost Black Scholar (S1)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Madness (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
The Magic Order (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (S5)AmazonFebruary 2022September 2022NO
The Mayfair Witches (S1)AMCMay 2022August 2022NO
The Mighty Ducks (S2)Disney+February 2022NO
The Missing (S1)PeacockApril 2022October 2022NO
The Morning Show (S3)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
The Muppets Mayhem (S1)Disney+April 2022NO
The Mysterious Benedict Society (S2)Disney+February 2022May 2022NO
The Nanny (S1)FreeformMarch 2022NO
The Neighborhood (S5)CBSSummer 2022NO
The Never Game (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
The New Look (S1)AppleTVMay 2022NO
The Night Agent (S1)NetflixFebruary 2022June 2022NO
The Night Island (S1)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
The Nightjar (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
The Nola (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Office Of Historical Corrections (S1)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
The Other Two (S3)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
The Other Typist (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
The Overstory (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
The Pact (S2)BBCFebruary 2022NO
The Parallax View (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
The Patient (S1)FXJanuary 2022NO
The Penguin (S1)HBO MAXMid 2022NO
The Players Table (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
The Plot (S1)HuluFebruary 2023July 2023NO
The Power (S1)AmazonJuly 2022NO
The Pretenders (Pilot)CWActive DevelopmentNO
The Prince of Tides (S1)AppleTVSummer 2022NO
The Real Gone GIrl (Pilot)USA NetworkActive DevelopmentNO
The Reckoning (S1)BBCFall 2021NO
The Red Zone (S1)NetflixSeptember 2021NO
The Rehersal (S1)HBO MAXNovember 2021NO
The Residence (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
The Resident (S6)FOXSummer 2022NO
The Resort (S1)PeacockFebruary 2022May 2022NO
The Responder (S2)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
The Righteous Gemstones (S3)HBOJune 2022December 2022YES
The Rookie: Feds (S1)ABCSummer 2022NO
The Royal Mob (S1)NetflixSummer 2022NO
The Santa Claus (S1)Disney+March 2022NO
The Scent Of Burnt Flowers (S1)FXActive DevelopmentNO
The Search for Wondla (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
The Secret Lives Of Church Ladies (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
The Seven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
The Sex Lives of College Girls (S2)HBO MAXApril 2022NO
The Signal (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
The Sixth Commandment (S1)BBCJune 2022NO
The Son (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
The Son In Law (Pilot)ABCSpring 2022NO
The Sparrow (S1)FXActive DevelopmentNO
The Spiderwick Chronicles (Pilot)Disney+August 2022NO
The Sterling Affairs (S1)FXSummer 2022NO
The Sticky (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Sting (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
The Stratford (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
The Suck (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Summer I Turned Pretty (S2)AmazonJuly 2022NO
The Sympathizer (S1)HBOSeptember 2022June 2023NO
The Tales of The Walking Dead (S1)AMCJanuary 2022NO
The Tempest (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
The Texanist (Pilot)FOXActive DevelopmentNO
The Therapy (S1)AmazonJanuary 2022NO
The Three Body Problem (S1)NetflixNovember 2021August 2022NO
The Three Joaquins (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
The Tourist (S1)BBC / HBO MaxActive DevelopmentNO
The Turkish Detective (S1)Paramount+April 2022NO
The Undesirables (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Vanishing Half (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
The Venery Of Samantha Bird (S1)StarzActive DevelopmentNO
The Westing Game (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
The Wheel of Time (S2)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Whistler (Pilot)TNTActive DevelopmentNO
The White Darkness (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
The White Lotus (S2)HBOFebruary 2022NO
The Wild (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
The Winchesters (S1)CWSummer 2022NO
The Winner (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
The Winter King (S1)Paramount+July 2022NO
The Witcher (S3)NetflixMarch 2022NO
The Wives (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
The Woman (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
The Woman In The Wall (S1)Showtime/BBCSeptember 2022NO
The Woman's Hour (Pilot)CWActive DevelopmentNO
The Wonder Years (S2)ABCSummer 2022NO
The Wood (Pilot)ShowtimeMay 2022NO
The Zone of Silence (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
Things I Know TO Be True (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Thirst (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
This Fool (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
This Is Going To Hurt (S1)BBC / AMCActive DevelopmentNO
This Is How They Tell Me The World Ends (S1)FXActive DevelopmentNO
Three Little Birds (S1)ITVAugust 2022NO
Three Women (S1)ShowtimeOctober 2021May 2022NO
Ties That Bind (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Time (S2)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Time Bandits (S1)AppleTVAugust 2022NO
Tiny Beautiful Things (S1)HuluJuly 2022NO
Titans (S4)HBO MAXFebruary 2022September 2022NO
Tom Swift (S1)CWJanuary 2022NO
Top Boy (S3)NetflixSummer 2022NO
Transatlantic (S1)NetflixMarch 2022NO
Treason (S1)NetflixJanuary 2022NO
Trigger Point (S2)ITVSummer 2022NO
True Blood (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
True Detective (S4)HBOFall 2022NO
True Lies (S1)CBSSummer 2022NO
Truly Like Lightning (S1)ShowtimeActive DevelopmentNO
Truth Be Told (S3)AppleTVApril 2022August 2022NO
Trying (S3)AppleTVOctober 2021NO
Tulsa King (S1)Paramount+March 2022July 2022NO
Twenty FOur Seven (S1)CBSAAActive DevelopmentNO
Twisted Metal (S1)PeacockMay 2022September 2022NO
Two Tone (S1)BBCAugust 2022NO
Unbroken (Pilot)NBCMarch 2022NO
Uncivil (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Under The Bridge (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Unf$?%ables (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Unforgotten (S5)ITVMarch 2022NO
Unplanned in Akron (Pilot)CBSApril 2022NO
Unprisoned (S1)HuluMarch 2022July 2022NO
Unruly (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Unstable (S1)NetflixJune 2022September 2022NO
Untitled Ackerman Project (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Alaska Project (Pilot)ABCOctober 2021NO
Untitled Autism Comedy Drama (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Ava Duvernay Project (S1)StarzActive DevelopmentYES
Untitled Black Panther Spin-off (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentNO
Untitled Boeing Project (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Bridgerton Prequel (S1)NetflixMarch 2022NO
Untitled Capitol Riot Project (S1)ShowtimeActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled CDC Project (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Chuck Barris Project (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Country Music Drama (S1)FOXActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled David Renaud Medical Drama (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Doo-Wop Project (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Espionage Drama (S1)NetflixOctober 2021NO
Untitled Female Sports Agent Drama (S1)StarzActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Florio Family Project (S1)Disney+July 2022NO
Untitled Frank Sinatra Project (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Godzilla And Titans Project (S1)AppleTVMay 2022November 2022NO
Untitled Guy Branum Project (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Jason Woliner Project (S1)PeacockActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Julie Durk Project (S1)FreeformApril 2022August 2022NO
Untitled Kay Oyegun Project (Pilot)ABCSpring 2022NO
Untitled Lauren Ludwig Comedy (Pilot)FXActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Lewaa Nasserdeen Project (Pilot)ShowtimeActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Los Angeles Project (S1)HBOAugust 2022NO
Untitled Lynette White Project (S1)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Mafia Drama Project (S1)ShowtimeActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Maguire Drama (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Marvel Space Project (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentNO
Untitled Mickey Gilley Project (S1)Paramount+Active DevelopmentNO
Untitled Mike Daniels Project (Pilot)NBCApril 2022NO
Untitled Mike Myers Comedy (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Mother and Son Legal Drama (Pilot)CBSMarch 2022NO
Untitled New Jersey Project (S1)AppleTVApril 2022NO
Untitled New Mexico Project (S1)ShowtimeJune 2022NO
Untitled New York Project (S1)AmazonMay 2022NO
Untitled Outlander Prequel (S1)StarzActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Peacemaker Spinoff (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Phoebe Waller-bridge Project (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Ronny Chieng Project (Pilot)HuluJuly 2022NO
Untitled Roy Wood Jr Comedy (S1)FOXActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Sabrina Jalees Project (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Sammy Davis Jr. Drama (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Scott Prendergast Drama (Pilot)CBSMarch 2022NO
Untitled Sharon Horgan Project (S1)AppleTVNovember 2021NO
Untitled Sherlock Holmes Spinoff (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled South Africe Project (S1)ShowtimeFall 2022NO
Untitled Spy Advernture Dram (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Star Wars Project (S1)Disney+June 2022NO
Untitled Steve Basilone Project (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Texas Medical Project (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled The Rookie Spinoff (Pilot)ABCSpring 2022NO
Untitled Tom Lynch Program (S1)NetflixJune 2022NO
Untitled Vaccine Project (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Valentina Garza Project (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Walking Dead Spinoff (S1)AMCSummer 2022NO
Untitled Yang Project (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Zahir McGhee Project (S1)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Up Here (S1)HuluJune 2022NO
Upload (S3)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
USSP (S1)AmazonApril 2022NO
UTAP (S1)NetflixMay 2022August 2022NO
Val Zod (S1)HBO MaxActive DevelopmentNO
Valentine (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Valley Of The Gods (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Vampire Acadamy (S1)PeacockSeptember 2021NO
Van Der Valk (S3)ITVApril 2022NO
Varsity (S1)AmazonMay 2022September 2022NO
Vigil (S2)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Vikings: Valhalla (S3)NetflixMay 2022NO
Virgin River (S5)NetflixJuly 2022November 2022NO
Waco: The Aftermath (S2)Paramount+March 2022June 2022NO
Wahala (S1)BBCActive DevelopmentNO
Waiting to Exhale (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Wakanda (S1)Disney+Active DevelopmentNO
Walker (S3)CWSummer 2022NO
Walker: Independence (S1)CWSummer 2022NO
Walt (S1)AppleTVOctober 2021NO
Warrior (S3)HBO MAXSummer 2022NO
Warrior Nun (S2)NetflixAugust 2021NO
Washington Black (S1)HuluFebruary 2022May 2022NO
We Are Lady Parts (S2)peacockActive DevelopmentNO
We Are Not Alone (S1)Channel 4November 2021NO
We Thought We Were Done (Pilot)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
We Were The Lucky Ones (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Wedding Season (S1)Disney+August 2021NO
Welcome To Flatch (S2)FOXSummer 2022NO
Welcome To The Derry (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Wellmania (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Werewolf By Night (S1)Disney+February 2022NO
Wetherby Strange (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
What She Said (S1)peacockActive DevelopmentNO
What We Do In The Shadows (S4)FXActive DevelopmentNO
While You Were Breeding (S1)FreeformSummer 2022NO
Who Fears Death (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Who Killed Tulum (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Why Women Kill (S3)Paramount+July 2022October 2022NO
Why You Will Marry The Wrong Person (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Wicked (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Wild Life (Pilot)HBO MAXJune 2022NO
Wild Rabbit (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Wilderness (S1)AmazonMay 2022October 2022NO
Will Trent (Pilot)ABCMay 2022NO
Wind of Change (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
Winning Time (S2)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Winter In Paradise (S1)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
With Love (S2)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Wolf (S1)BBCMarch 2022NO
Wolf Like Me (S2)peacockActive DevelopmentNO
Wolf Pack (S1)Paramount+June 2022September 2022YES
Women of the Year (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Wonder Girl (Pilot)CWActive DevelopmentNO
Wondermill (Pilot)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Work Horses (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
World On Fire (S2)BBCJuly 2022September 2022NO
Wu-Tang: An American Saga (S3)HuluApril 2022August 2022NO
Wyrd (S1)FXActive DevelopmentNO
XO Kitty (S1)NetflixMarch 2022June 2022NO
Yellow (S1)AmazonApril 2022May 2022NO
Yellowjackets (S2)ShowtimeSummer 2022NO
Yellowstone (S5)Paramount+May 2022November 2022NO
You (S4)NetflixMarch 2022July 2022NO
You Bought Me The Ocean (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Young Rock (S3)NBCSummer 2022NO
Young Sheldon (S6)CBSJuly 2022March 2023NO
Young Wallander (S2)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Your Honor (S2)ShowtimeJune 2022September 2022NO
Yours, Mine and Paul (Pilot)ABCActive DevelopmentNO
Zorro (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO