Show/Season Network Start Date End Date Changed?
A Discovery of Witches (S3)SkyOctober 2020YES
A Million Little Things (S3)ABCAugust 2020May 2021YES
Action Park (S1)HuluActive Development2021NO
Adopted (Pilot)ABCSpring 2021NO
Alex Rider (S2)AmazonNovember 2020NO
American Auto (Pilot)NBCFall 2020NO
American Gods (S4)StarzActive DevelopmentYES
Anansi Boys (S1)AmazonFall 2020NO
Anatomy of a Scandal (S1)NetflixFall 2020NO
Angela Black (S1)BBC / HBO MAXAugust 2020November 2020NO
Another Life (S2)NetflixPendingYES
At That Age (Pilot)NBCSpring 2021NO
Atlanta (S3)FXPendingYES
B Positive (S1)CBSAugust 2020NO
Batwoman (S2)CWFall 2020YES
Becoming Elizabeth (S1)StarzDecember 2020NO
Betty (S2)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Big Deal (Pilot)ShowtimeFall 2020NO
Black Summer (S2)NetflixAugust 2020YES
Blackbird: Lena Horne and America (S1)ShowtimeActive DevelopmentYES
Blood and Water (S2)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Blood Relative (Pilot)FOXFall 2020YES
Bossy (Pilot)ABCFall 2020NO
Call Me Kat (S1)FOXFall 2020NO
Call The Midwife (S10)BBCFall 2020NO
Carnival Row (S2)AmazonJuly 2020NO
Charmed (S3)CWAugust 2020NO
Chicago Med (S6)NBCAugust 2020NO
Citadel (S1)AmazonFebruary 2021NO
Clarice (S1)CBSJuly 2020NO
Cobra (S2)Sky OneOctober 2020NO
Code 404 (S2)Sky / peacockAugust 2020YES
Colin in Black and White (S1)NetflixFall 2020NO
Connecting (S1)NBCAugust 2020YES
Creepshow (S2)AMC/ShudderPendingNO
Curb Your Enthusiasm (S11)HBOFall 2020YES
Dangerous Liaisons (S1)StarzFall 2020YES
DARYL (Pilot)TBSActive DevelopmentNO
Day of the Dead (S1)SyfyAugust 2020NO
Dead to Me (S3)NetflixActive DevelopmentYES
Debris (S1)NBCFall 2020NO
Dirty Lines (S1)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Dopestick (S1)HuluPendingNO
East Wing (S1)StarzActive DevelopmentNO
Echo (Pilot)NBCSpring 2021NO
Extinction (S1)Sky OneSeptember 2020NO
Fair View, NM (Pilot)AMCActive DevelopmentNO
Fallout (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentYES
Free Will (Pilot)FOXActive DevelopmentYES
Gangs of London (S2)AMC/SkyActive DevelopmentNO
Generation (S1)HBO MAXOctober 2020NO
Gossip Girl (S1)HBO MAXPendingNO
Grand Crew (Pilot)NBCFall 2020NO
Grantchester (S6)ITVPendingNO
Guilt (S2)BBCActive DevelopmentYES
Hacks (S1)HBO MAXPendingNO
Halo (S1)ShowtimePendingNO
Hanna (S3)AmazonNovember 2020YES
Harlem's Kitchen (Pilot)ABCAugust 2020YES
Hawkeye (S1)Disney+September 2020NO
Hightown (S2)StarzActive DevelopmentNO
Home Before Dark (S2)AppleTVAugust 2020January 2021YES
Home Economics (Pilot)ABCFall 2020NO
In From The Cold (S1)NetflixPendingYES
In Momoriam (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
In The Dark (S3)CWJuly 2020NO
Intelligence (S2)Sky / peacockSeptember 2020YES
It's Our Time (Pilot)FOXFall 2020YES
Jefferies (Pilot)NBCSpring 2021NO
Landscapers (S1)Sky / HBOPendingNO
Langdon (Pilot)NBCFall 2020NO
Law & Order : Organized Crime (S1)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Letterkenny (S6)Crave/HuluJuly 2020NO
Leverage 2.0 (S1)IMDBPendingNO
Liar's Club (Pilot)TNTActive DevelopmentNO
Loki (S1)Disney+August 2020YES
Lost In Space (S3)NetflixSeptember 2020January 2021YES
Love Life (S2)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Lucifer (S5B)NetflixOctober 2020NO
Magnum PI (S3)CBSAugust 2020YES
Maid (S1)NetflixAugust 2020NO
Manifest (S3)NBCActive DevelopmentNO
Masters of the Air (S1)AppleTVSeptember 2020NO
McDonald & Dodds (S2)ITVSeptember 2020NO
Michelangelo (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentYES
Midnight Mass (S1)NetflixAugust 2020NO
Midwitch Cukoos (S1)SkySeptember 2020NO
Ms. Marvel (S1)Disney+August 2020NO
Nancy Drew (S2)CWAugust 2020April 2021YES
Nancy Wu Done It (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Never Have I Ever (S2)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Night School (Pilot)NBCFall 2020NO
Nine Perfect Strangers (S1)HuluPendingNO
One Piece (S1)NetflixAugust 2020NO
Ordinary Joe (Pilot)NBCFall 2020NO
Outliers (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Ozark (S4)NetflixActive DevelopmentNO
Pieces of Her (S1)NetflixAugust 2020December 2020YES
Pivoting (Pilot)FOXFall 2020YES
Point Fear (Pilot)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentNO
Promised Neverland (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Ray James (S1)AppleTVAugust 2020YES
Reacher (S1)AmazonNovember 2020NO
Rebel (Pilot)ABCFall 2020NO
Red Rose (S1)BBC / NetflixPendingNO
Ridley Road (S1)BBCAugust 2020YES
RIP Crew (S1)HBO MAXActive DevelopmentYES
Riverdale (S5)CWAugust 2020NO
Rutherford Falls (S1)PeacockPendingNO
SAS: Rogue Heroes (S1)BBCAugust 2020September 2020NO
Someone Out There (Pilot)NBCSpring 2021NO
Space (Pilot)TBSActive DevelopmentNO
Star Trek : Discovery (S4)CBSAAJuly 2020NO
Stargirl (S2)CWActive DevelopmentYES
Stranger Things (S4)NetflixSeptember 2020YES
Superman $ Lois (S1)CWSeptember 2020YES
Supernatural (S15)CWJuly 2020NO
Tether (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentYES
The Afterparty (S1)AppleTVActive DevelopmentNO
The Bankers Wife (S1)AmazonPendingNO
The Big Leap (Pilot)FOXFall 2020YES
The Brides (Pilot)ABCPendingNO
The Capture (S2)BBCJanuary 2021NO
The Cleaning Lady (Pilot)FOXFall 2020YES
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (S1)Disney+August 2020YES
The Fall (Pilot)TNTActive DevelopmentNO
The Flash (S7)CWAugust 2020NO
The Good Doctor (S4)ABCAugust 2020April 2021YES
The Good Fight (S5)CBSAAOctober 2020NO
The Great (S2)HuluActive DevelopmentYES
The Kominsky Method (S3)NetflixActive DevelopmentYES
The Last Kingdom (S5)NetflixActive DevelopmentYES
The Midwich Cuckoos (S1)SkySeptember 2020YES
The Offenders (S1)BBC / AmazonNovember 2020YES
The Other Typist (S1)HuluActive DevelopmentNO
The Outpost (S3)CWJune 2020NO
The Peripheral (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentYES
The Real Gone GIrl (Pilot)USA NetworkActive DevelopmentNO
The Sinner (S4)USA NetworkActive DevelopmentNO
The Three of Us (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
The Wheel of Time (S1)AmazonPendingNO
The Witcher (S2)NetflixAugust 2020NO
The Wonder Years (Pilot)ABCFall 2020YES
This Country (Pilot)FOXFall 2020YES
This Is Going To Hurt (S1)BBC / AMCPendingNO
Triage (Pilot)ABCSpring 2021NO
Unruly (S1)HBOActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Autism Comedy Drama (S1)AmazonActive DevelopmentNO
Untitled Matthew Weiner Mystery (S1)FXActive DevelopmentYES
Van Helsing (S5)SyfyJune 2020NO
Vienna Blood (S2)BBCAugust 2020YES
Wandavision (S1)Disney+PendingYES
War of the Worlds (S2)FOX/Canal+July 2020NO
Ways & Means (Pilot)CBSActive DevelopmentNO
What We Do In The Shadows (S3)FXOctober 2020NO
When Calls The Heart (S8)HallmarkJuly 2020November 2020YES
Work Wife (Pilot)ABCFall 2020NO
Wynonna Earp (S4)SyfyJuly 2020September 2020YES
Yellowstone (S4)ParamountAugust 2020December 2020YES
You (S1)SkySpring 2021YES
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (S2)NBCActive DevelopmentNO