Show Network Status Description Recently Changed
Dr. OdysseyABCOrdered to SeriesNo official details were given about the project, but it is believed to be a medical procedural set on a cruise ship.NO
Drop-offABCRejectedSingle-camera comedy based on the British series "Motherland" which centers on a working mom for whom nothing is working so she goes looking for her villageNO
Find The LightABCRejectedDrama which follows five therapists in Philadelphia, who find unique ways to solve problems in their patients' lives while grappling with their own; Ellen Roman, the owner of the practice and a brilliant therapist, has her life shockingly turned upside down when she begins working with a sociopathic patient who may hold the key to the disappearance of her sister five years earlierNO
Forgive and ForgetABCUnknownTy Burrell stars in and executive produces this multicamera comedy project that has been ordered to pilot. It is expected to be a family comedy about a man who has to take in his gregarious father after he is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.NO
Good Lawyer, TheABCRolledSpin-off of The Good Doctor. Airing March 6 as a planted episode of The Good Doctor, Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) seeks legal representation to help him win a case and puts his faith in a promising, young lawyer who has obsessive compulsive disorder. NO
Hurt Unit, TheABCRejectedA cutting-edge medical drama about a highly skilled team of trauma surgeons and nurses who race into the field to treat the patients who won’t make it to the hospital in time. When the sick and the injured can’t get to the ER, the Hurt Unit (Hospital Urgent Response Team) brings the ER to them.NO
JudgementABCRejectedDrama which plays out over two timelines; 15 years from now, a woman being vetted for a Supreme Court seat recounts her experience at a prominent D.C. law firm in 2023, where the only thing more controversial than the cases was her messy love life, caught between two feuding brothers; now, with a Supreme Court seat on the line, all of her darkest secrets are at risk of coming out, threatening her nomination, her reputation, and her marriageNO
MotherlandABCRejectedUS Remake of the UK Show. Set in a west London neighbourhood, the show follows a wacky group of mothers (and a father) who couldn’t be more different, but are united by the daily school run and a shared abhorrence for those who take parenting a little too seriously.NO
Public DefendersABCRejectedFollows four inexperienced public defenders, up to their earholes in student loan debt, who work tirelessly to keep their clients out of jail. Along the way, they have to rely on each other to navigate their first defendants, the absurd court system, and the copy machine that always jams. NO
Shifting GearsABCUnknownThis multi-camera sitcom will be headlined by Tim Allen, who plays a widower who owns a classic car shop and whose daughter and teen grandchildren move inNO
Valley Of the Gods (put pilot)ABCPresumed DeadDescribed as a sexy, high-stakes drama about the most powerful people in Silicon Valley and the hungry, underestimated outsiders trying to claw their way in.NO
LiftedAmazonUnknownHalf-hour comedy which explores the lives of four geographically, socio-economically, and racially diverse American teenage girls united by an online community built around shopliftingNO
Once Upon A Time In AztlanAmazonPresumed DeadThe one-hour drama revolves around a Chicano family in the deep suburbs of Los Angeles as they come to terms with the falsehoods of the American dream, and their ability to defy expectations.NO
Devil In Silver, TheAMCUnknown The Devil in Silver, a psychological horror drama, tells the story of Pepper - a working class man from Queens who, through a combination of bad luck and a bad temper, finds himself wrongfully committed to a psychiatric hospital. There, he must contend with other patients, doctors who harbor dark secrets of their own, and perhaps even a true and even more terrifying evil.NO
Good Night and Good LuckAMCUnknown The series adaptation of Participant and 2929 Productions' 2005 Academy Award, BAFTA and Golden Globe multi-nominated filmNO
SecondsAMCUnknownSeconds is a radical reimagining of the cult classic with a female lead at its center. When Claire Munro's world is suddenly turned upside down, she's given a chance to start life over with a clean slate. But can she really leave everything behind, or will she find herself diving back into the mysteries of her past?NO
Untitled Owen Wilson SeriesAppleTV+UnknownThis golf comedy series features Owen Wilson as Pryce Cahill, a has-been pro golfer who is down on his luck and tries to change his fortune with the help of a 17-year old phenom in the sport.NO
Untitled Vince Gilligan SeriesAppleTV+UnknownFrom the creator of Breaking Bad, it is described as a blended genre drama.NO
Early EditionCBSRejectedIt follows an ambitious but uncompromising journalist who starts receiving tomorrow’s newspaper today and finds herself in the complicated business of changing the news instead of reporting it.NO
HSI: Puerto RicoCBSUnknownA hot-headed Homeland Security agent reluctantly returns home to Puerto Rico where she works with her talented but jaded training officer as part of an elite HSI team working tirelessly as the first line of defense against all manner of threats to the United States.NO
JumpStartCBSRejectedBased on the popular comic strip that debuted in 1989, JumpStart is set in Philadelphia and follows Joe, a cop, his wife Marcy, a nurse, and Joe’s partner Crunchy. Joe and Marcy are young, hip, urban parents with old school values who are willing to sacrifice for their kids and have some laughs while doing it!NO
Lot, ACBSUnknownImprovisational-style multi-camera comedy about about a couple in their late 30s who pour their life savings into their biggest business endeavor yet: building a housing development on a defunct studio lot; but these house flippers get more than they bargained for when their new project becomes a nightmareNO
Untitled Wayans Father/Son ProjectCBSUnknownLegendary talk radio host and happily divorced “Poppa” has his point of view challenged at work when a new female co-host is hired, and at home where he finds himself still parenting his adult son, a brilliant dreamer who is trying to pursue his passion while being a responsible father and husband.NO
PowerpuffCWBeing RedevelopedUpdate on Craig McCracken's beloved Cartoon Network show has Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup as disillusioned twentysomethings who resent having lost their childhoods to crime fighting.NO
It's Our TimeDisney+UnknownAfter failing to make it in New York and carrying a heavy secret with her, Stella Cooper returns to her distressed automotive hometown to substitute teach. [Originallly Rejected by FOX]NO
Witch MountainDisney+UnknownA reimagining of the successful film franchise. The series is a modern reinvention of the cult classic that takes place in the shadow of "Witch Mountain," following two teens that develop strange abilities and discover their sleepy suburb may not be as idyllic as it seems. NO
Archie and PeteFOXUnknownDrama which follows an explosive, rule-breaking, fearless female detective with no filter who enlists the help of a polite and gentle brainiac who studies the biology of evil to solve cases for the Los Angeles Violent Crimes UnitNO
BedrockFOXUnknownBEDROCK catches up with the Flintstone family two decades after the original, with Fred on the brink of retirement and 20-something Pebbles embarking on her own career. As the Stone Age gives way to a shiny and enlightened new Bronze Age, the residents of Bedrock will find this evolution harder than a swing from Bamm-Bamm's club.NO
DL, TheFOXUnknownWhen two long-term best friends and city girls who had reached a fork in the road of their relationship are placed into the Witness Protection Program together, they are forced to reinvent themselves in the off-the-grid town of Doonesland. With a rising drug ring on their trail, they must make the best of a bad situation because it's life or death - literallyNO
IconFOXUnknownAnthology drama series profiling some of the world's biggest music legends; first season will tell the story of country music's first mother/daughter duo, Naomi and Wynonna JuddNO
Jenny Is A WeaponFOXUnknownDrama which follows the story of a sheltered Maryland housewife who, at the moment her marriage falls apart, discovers she has special psychic powers and is recruited by a secret government agency where she will have to juggle her broken family and saving the worldNO
Starsky and HutchFOXUnknownGender-flipped reboot of the 1970s cop show which will center on two female detectives, Sasha Starsky and Nicole Hutchinson; they solve crimes in the offbeat town of Desert City while staying true to their friendship, their awesomeness, and somehow also trying to unravel the mystery behind who sent their fathers to prison 15 years ago for a crime they didn't commitNO
AznbbgrlFreeformUnknownSet in the vibrant Vietnamese community of Little Saigon in Southern California's Orange County, AZNBBGRL is a coming-of-age story about three Asian American teenagers driven by a desire to break free.NO
Open BookFreeveeRejectedDrama series inspired by Open Book and Jessica coming of age in her mid-twenties, following her divorce, on the journey to discovering herself. NO
WesternFreeveeRejectedHalf-hour period comedy which follows Polly, a high-society young woman in the 1800s who travels out West in search of a husband - only to discover that she has been catfished by a teenage boyNO
Answers, TheFXUnknownDrama based on Catherine Lacey's novel set in the near future, where a heartbroken young woman joins an enigmatic experiment that promises to hack love, but after moving into an idyllic, secluded location with her fellow female participants, she and the other women start questioning what's really happening in the experiment, and why they've all been tasked with dating the same mysterious man.NO
Bends, TheFXUnknownThe thriller series follows a seemingly perfect American family in Berlin whose secrets come to light when they hire a new nanny, unaware that she is trying to expose the parents’ corrupt financial and familial ties.NO
Cartel Trilogy SeriesFXUnknownDrama based on Don Winslow's book trilogy, which spans a 45 year period and follows a DEA agent named Art Keller through America's long running war on drugsNO
Dying for SexFXUnknownThis limited series is based on the Wondery podcast and stars Michelle Williams as a woman who, after being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer, decides to leave her husband, with the support of her best friend.NO
English TeacherFXUnknownComedy about gay high school English teacher Evan (Alvarez) and his fellow teachers in Austin as they try to balance the competing demands of the students and their parents in a world where the rules seem to change every dayNO
Peep ShowFXUnknownNew domestic take on Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain's British comedy, which follows the relationship between a long-suffering assistant and her boss, an emotionally unstable tech entrepreneurNO
Sensitive Kind, TheFXUnknownNo logline availableNO
Untitled Chase and Fidell ProjectFXUnknownNo logline availableNO
Untitled Lauren Ludwig ComedyFXUnknownThe pilot is described as a metaphysical comedy about a group of queer twenty-somethings forced by the most unlikely source to confront their generational anxieties and unpack their emotional baggage.NO
Nice White ParentsHBOPresumed DeadComedy based on the podcast described as a satirical look at the conflict and comedy that arise when highly resourced white parents, who claim to have the best intentions, wield their influence over generations of black and brown students within the NY public school systemNO
Untitled Brad Inglesby Task Force ProjectHBOUnknownThis Philadelphia-set show features Mark Ruffalo as Tom, who heads a task force to stop drug-house robberies.NO
Computer SchoolHBO MaxUnknownSingle-camera comedy about a recent high school grad and his uncle attend the same computer class in suburban MichiganNO
Ke Nui RoadHBO MaxPresumed DeadA contemporary drama set on the North Shore of Oahu, focusing on the relationships between an elite crew of heavy-water lifeguards and the teens and young adults they mentor and train in the junior lifeguard programNO
OK BoomerHBO MaxPresumed DeadMulti-camera comedy which centers on Barbara (LuPone), a self-centered boomer who shows up at her estranged daughter Sarah's (Hayes) house hoping to live off the family's money, but forms an unexpected bond with her progressive granddaughter who's quick to challenge her on their differing views - of which there are plentyNO
VerbatimHBO MaxPresumed DeadIt tackles actual events with all dialogue taken from primary sources and presented verbatim. The pilot episode follows the story of the 2019 college admissions scandal.NO
FledglingHBOMAXUnknownStory of an apparently amnesiac young girl whose alarmingly inhuman needs and abilities lead her to a startling conclusion: She is in fact a genetically modified, 53-year-old vampire. Forced to discover what she can about her stolen former life, she must at the same time learn who wanted — and still wants — to destroy her and those she cares for and how she can save herself.NO
BammasHuluUnknownIn Bammas, a pair of young Ethiopian- and Nigerian-American best friends (Olagbaju, Bizuneh) struggle to overcome their loser reputations in a magical realist version of Washington DC.NO
History of a Pleasure SeekerHuluRejectedOne-hour musical drama based on the novel of the same name, set in Amsterdam in 1907 - a tale of a charismatic young man's explosive adventures through all the temptations of the Belle ÉpoqueNO
Paradise CityHuluUnknownNo logline availableNO
Adam & EvaNBCRolledThe series chronicles the epic love and lives of two complete strangers whose multiple run-ins begin to defy coincidence and lead both to believe in fate. Unusually, it pairs a serialized, stand-up-and-cheer romantic comedy with the wildly diverse and often unexpected human stories of anyone who finds themselves six degrees from Adam and Eva.NO
Co-DependentsNBCUnknownA multi-camera sibling comedyNO
Crazy For YouNBCRolledAbout Daisy who, with her life stalling, re-enters the dating scene only to discover that while she was out of the game, the game sort of, totally, completely changed. Realizing she is a bit rusty at being “normal” and “appealing” on first dates, she’ll need the support of her friends as she strives to succeed while being her true self in today’s quick-to-dismiss dating culture.NO
Grosse Pointe Garden SocietyNBCUnknownDrama which follows four members of a suburban garden club, all from different walks of life, who get caught up in murder and mischief as they struggle to make their conventional lives bloomNO
Hunting Party, TheNBCUnknownDrama which revolves around a small team of investigators who are assembled to track down and capture the most dangerous killers our country has ever seen, all of whom have just escaped from a top-secret prison that's not supposed to existNO
Murder by the BookNBCRejectedThe story will follow big city Instafamous book reviewer takes a page from the murder mystery books she reviews and becoNO
Non-Evil TwinNBCRejectedA woman is forced to step in to her sister's role as the leader of a Fortune 500 company despite knowing little about business and even less about the way her sister has been running the corporation.NO
Reba McEntire's Untitled ComedyNBCUnknownReba McEntire stars in this comedy pilot as Bobbie, a woman who inherits her father’s restaurant and has to work with a half-sister she never knew about.NO
We Thought We Were DoneNBCUnknownMulti-camera comedy in which after an amicable divorce, Jim and Julia decide to continue to raise their kids at the family home while taking turns on who gets to stay with them; navigating the waters of divorce and child-sharing gets more complicated for Jim when the owner of his favorite sports team enters the picture and wins Julia's heartNO
WolfNBCUnknownFollows a revolutionary, larger-than-life neurologist and his team of interns as they explore the last great frontier, the human mind, while also grappling with their own relationships and mental health.NO
Little SkyNetflixUnknownLittle Sky centers on Penelope Paul Porter (Weaving) who is determined to realize her lifelong dream of being a respected on-air news reporter (despite the fact she may be the worst reporter of all time). When she receives an anonymous tip that the Mayor of Little Sky is missing, she knows it’s her chance to finally prove herself. Arriving in the spooky, remote town of Little Sky, she senses she’s on to a big story – but little does she know she’s stumbled upon something much darker than she could have ever imagined.NO
PulseNetflixUnknownWhile the staff of Miami’s busiest Level 1 Trauma Center navigate medical emergencies, young ER doc Dani Simms is unexpectedly promoted to Chief Resident amidst the fallout of her own provocative romantic relationship.NO
Untitled Mindy Kaling Basketball SeriesNetflixUnknownThis comedy series from Mindy Kaling features Kate Hudson as Isla, who is chosen to lead a pro basketball franchise and has to prove herself to her brothers.NO
LandmanParamount+UnknownBased on the Boomtown, Landman podcast.NO
Love StoryParamount+Presumed DeadA series based on the award-winning perennial film, Love Story.NO
StagsParamount+UnknownA series about a bachelor party gone wrong.NO
Yellowstone: 2024Paramount+Ordered to SeriesThis sequel to Yellowstone is expected to pick up after the events of Season 5, Part 2, and is expected to star Matthew McConaughey in the lead. It will premiere in December.NO
Good Daughter, ThepeacockUnknownThis psychological thriller series is based on Karin Slaughter’s book of the same nameNO
Long Bright RiverpeacockUnknownBased on the suspense novel of the same name.NO
Untitled Damon Wayans JR. ProjectpeacockUnknownComedy which revolves around a struggling married couple who become bounty huntersNO
Untitled James Wan and Simu Liu projectpeacockUnknownThis espionage techno-thriller features Simu Liu as an American intelligence analyst whose brain has been hacked, so he has to fight to prove his allegiance.NO
Wild CardspeacockUnknownTwo potential series based on the superhero shared universe anthologies edited by George R.R. Martin and Melinda M. Snodgrass; the 27-volume series is set in an alternate history of post-World War II United States in which an alien virus rewrites DNA and mutates survivors; those who acquire minor or crippling physical conditions are known as Jokers, and those who acquire superhuman abilities are known as AcesNO
Bosch: Untitled SpinoffPrime VideoUnknownMaggie Q will star in this adaptation of Michael Connelly’s Renée Ballard series about the LAPD’s Cold Case Division.NO
Boys: Mexico, ThePrime VideoUnknownThe Boys franchise continues to expand, this time with a Mexico-set series executive produced by Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal.NO
CoercionShowtimeUnknownCoercion is based on Rebecca Bender’s personal story of entrapment in the world of sex trafficking, her escape and her stunning emergence as a relentless force against that world,NO
Jonah KillsShowtimeUnknownJonah Kills follows a gay man living in London and trying to find love through sex, only to discover that every person he has ever slept with has died in a freak accident.NO
MasonShowtimeUnknownMASON is a surrealist comedy about a quiet man named Nathan, often misheard as "Mason," seeking connection in a loud world. Based on the real-life experiences of comedian Nathan Min.NO
Untitled US Capitol Assault ProjectShowtimeUnknownLimited series which will examine and explore multiple points of view of the events leading up to the January 6 attack, including the final days of the Trump administration, and culminate with the attack itself, the aftermath, and the FBI and Congressional investigationsNO
Wood, TheShowtime RejectedThe Wood is an honest look at friendship and dating from the perspective of three young Black males born and raised in the gentrifying L.A. suburb of Inglewood, fondly referred to by locals as the City Of Champions. The trio’s struggles to balance fatherhood, ambition and loyalty force them to question if they are growing apart … or closer together. With a knowing nod back to the characters of the 1999 film on which it is based, this romantic comedy showcases the humor and heart of young Black men and women trying to navigate life, love and likes on the ’Gram.NO
Young Sheldon Spin-offUnknownCBSThe multi-camera Chuck Lorre led- spinoff of Young Sheldon will center on the characters Georgie and Mandy.NO